7 Strategies to Keep Up with Changing Employment Laws

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Employees

Recently a client with employees in five states asked me how she can keep up to date on employment laws. Keeping up with changing employment laws is an ongoing challenge for all employers, especially smaller employers and those who have employees in multiple states. States and cities continue to add and change employment laws related to minimum wage, sick leave, family and medical leave, marijuana, background checks, overtime, hiring processes, etc. Here are seven resources that may help employers keep on top of ever-changing employment laws:

1. Federal, State and City Government Websites

Federal, state and city government web sites are a good starting point when employers need current information about employment laws. Some entities have developed helpful handbooks that cover all details of certain laws. For example, Washington DC created a handbook covering its Paid Family Leave law.

2. Local Law Firms

Some law firms with employment law attorneys offer low or no cost seminars on employment laws and send clients and non-clients periodic updates on new laws. In my home state of Washington, Ryan, Swanson and Cleveland law firm in Seattle offers these services to employers who are on their mailing list.

3. Business Associations

Some associations provide resources to keep their members up to date on employment laws. These include chambers of commerce, industry associations, professional associations, and business associations. In Arizona, my other home state, the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce offers seminars led by Human Resources consultants and attorneys on HR legal and best practices focused on current issues.

4. Society of Human Resources Management

SHRM has a wealth of resources on “all things HR” including compliance resources, tools and samples, and “Ask an Advisor Service”. This is the premier organization for HR professionals and others who need a comprehensive resource on HR issues.

5. Cal Chamber

Cal Chamber (HR California) is an outstanding resource for California employers. It helps members easily navigate and comply with California’s complex world of employment laws.

6. Internet Searches

On the Internet, employers can search for information on specific employment laws, or they can do a general search such as “Minnesota employment laws”. If you do a general search for employment laws in your state, you will find that XpertHR has Labor and Employment Law Overviews for each state. Members of XpertHR have access to comprehensive state-specific resources that cover all 50 states and over 160 localities.

7. Human Resources Expert or Consultant

To ensure your employee handbook and human resources policies are legally updated (or when created from scratch), consult with a Human Resources expert. LJ Consulting is ready to assist you with producing a compliant and customized employee handbook and HR policies..